The "V" Utilitarian Chic Vest


Why I made it:

Utilitarian meets chic. A mash-up of streetwear, haute couture & elegant sports, to use everyday, everywhere.


Size and Cut:

A huge front pocket for all your essentials, geometric details and shoulder pads. we incorporatded  brand embroidered fabric patches this season.

Made in 100% Oeko Tex Melton Wool.

Ciruela, red, and cerulean blue are the colour options.

 Size Chart:

              XS               S                  M                  L                   XL                   2XL        

Bust:   30.5/32     32.5/34      34.5/36      36.5/38      38.5/41         41.5/44  

Waist: 24.5/26     26.5/28      28.5/30      30.5/32      32.5/35         35.5/38 

Hips:   34.5/36     36.5/38      38.5/40     40.5/42      42.5/45         45.5/48  

How to style it:

I love it with turtlenecks, button downs, our Jocketta blouse this season and the Frankie pants or the Romeos in the pictoric windowpane print.


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