In our summer style story we explore the splendid expression of Manitoba murals. We clash the energetic and vibrant colours of the art background with our Hawaiian inspired prints and sets, the textures of our straw bags and the essential accessories to enjoy a beautiful summer around our beloved city.

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Playa Paraiso Shirt
Sold Out
Playa Paraiso Shorts
Playa Paraiso Pants ( Made to order )
Little Vases Summer Shirt
Little Vases Summer Shorts
Little Vases Summer Pants - MADE TO ORDER
Sea Coral Shirt
Sea Coral Shirt
Sea Coral - Summer Shorts
Sea Coral Pants ( Made to order )
Sold Out
Summer Shirt - Isla Negra
Isla Negra - Summer Shorts
Summer Shirt - Lavender Meadow
Lavender Meadow - Summer Shorts
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