Magical, mysterious like the jungle that emerges by the sea.

Esencia is a compilation of summer essentials with a twist. Monochromatic ensembles and dresses allow the eye to be more aware of form and details. 

Classic and charming, you'll want these styles to live forever in your closet because of their cool understated elegance.

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Nikita Day Gown in Black Batiste - MAXI version
X  "THE KISS" vest in Linen
Daisy Bell Shorts in Off White Linen
Black short Tita dress with sash and bow
Sold Out
Black Romeo Pants
Sold Out
Juliet Crop Top  - Black
Sold Out
Little Vases Summer Shirt
Sold Out
Little Vases Summer Shorts
Sold Out
Little Vases Summer Pants - MADE TO ORDER
AURORA onepiece - Collaboration with DAFNACYA - BLACK
TITA KINI - Collaboration with DAFNACYA - BLACK
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