The vision for this collection is to feel the clothes as a soft armour. There is the strong intention to make you feel strong and expressive, and it translates in a bold palette of pure colours, metallics and rich textures. I focused on the treatment of textiles and specifically in the work of our signature flower motif and its repetition/connection, to create, adorn and constitute different typologies of patterns, resulting in one of a kind textile wearable art pieces.

Detail is very important in the design of these pieces and you will find them in every piece.

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Gina bow dress - Cream
Gina bow blouse - Black
Laser Cut Flower Mesh Crop Top
Long Black Halter Flora Top Gold Sequins
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Red Halter Flora Top
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Cream Halter Flora Top Gold Sequins
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Multi Laser Cut Apron Gold and Silver Sequins
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The Soft Scallop Harness - Flower Version
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Metallic Golden Alice dress
Farrah Golden Metallic flared pants
Metallic Fuchsia Alice dress
Farrah Fuchsia Metallic flared pants
Laser Cut Flower Bralette
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Sabrina Skirt in Cream Boucle Wool festooned with ribbons
Sabrina Skirt in Black Boucle Wool festooned with ribbons
Sassi Pants - Black
Eivissa Baggy Metallic Pants - Gold
Farrah Lace flared pants - Black
Winona Shift Dress - Laser cut flower design surface + silver metallic sequins
Scallop Wallis - Pleated Coat with Hood and Bow
The Soft Scallop Harness
Melton Wool Laser Cut Flower Charms
Upcycled Flower Brooches
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Melton Wool Laser Cut Flower Earrings
Metallic Puffy Sleeves
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Malena puff sleeve backless crop top in Black
Gina bow dress - Black
Gina bow blouse - White
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