Lace has become a staple in our collections. We are inspired by travel and we find the pieces of this capsule to be perfect getaway companions.

This collection was created with the goal of packing a stylish and versatile wardrobe while fitting in a carry-on suitcase. A charming Dress, pretty tops, skirts and chic sets are part of a clever system where pieces are interchangeable and they can team with each other creating the coolest ensembles.

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Kate Mini Tunic Dress
Lace Suki Top
Lace Suki Top
Lace Short Shorts
Esme Lace Crop Top
Phoebe Skirt in Lace
Lace Mini Tunic Dress - Ivory - New Pattern PRE ORDER!
Farrah Lace flared pants - Ivory - New pattern!
Alfonsina CROP TOP in lace - Ivory -New Pattern!
The Palazzo - Ivory - New pattern!
Lace Mini Tunic Dress - Black
Farrah Lace flared pants - Black
Alfonsina CROP TOP in lace - Black
The Palazzo - Black
Heart brooches - Collaboration with MEG DOES POTTERY
Velvet Bow Barette
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Mother's Day GIFT CARD
Custom order for Deb
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