La Porteña

In La Porteña, I make tribute to Buenos Aires, the magical city where I grew up. 

Buenos Aires is a port open to the world and a very cosmopolitan city, and because of that, it has its very own eclectic identity. 

It's mysterious and captivating, Its old-world elegance and sophistication coexist with the modern pace of todays world.

For this release I played with maritime themes, layered with watercolour prints, calm blues and pastels and elements borrowed from the Belle Époque architectural movement and the early wave of European immigration of the 20th century.

It's nostalgic, modern, and my own way to tell the story of the city under my design aesthetic lens and heart.


La Porteña
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NEW! Nina Salopette in Pink
Alice Blouse
Alice Blouse
NEW! Elise Drop waist dress In Watercolour Blooms ( harness sold separately )
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The Mercedes Party dress - Special order
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Nikita Day Gown in Watercolour Blooms
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Blue Juliet Crop Top
Blue Romeo Pants
Organic Windowpane Juliet Crop Top
Blue Organic Windowpane Romeo Pants
Poplin Sailor Collar
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Jocketta Windowpane Blouse - Small stock
Elise Drop waist dress ( Collar sold separately )
Alfonsina CROP TOP
Soft Scallop Harness - Nautical version
Alice dress
Alice dress
Colette Mini Bubble Skirt
Tulle Sleeves
Tulle Sleeves
Sail little top
Sail little top
Daisy Bell Shorts
Nautical elastic Belts
Heart Brooches. Collaboration with Meg Does Pottery
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