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Why I made it:

During our voluntary lockdown I felt the urge to dress very comfortably while feeling cool about myself and looking put together. This was the birthplace of the Farrah pieces: COMFY CHIC.

Size and Cut:

A-line flowy cut with fabric knot details on shoulders . Inspired by sport pieces, it has a 70's retro feel, but still modern. Made in luxurious Velvet Jersey.

Size Chart:

             XS            S              M              L               XL           2XL         3XL

Bust:  30.5/32   32.5/34  34.5/36  36.5/38  38.5/41   41.5/44   44.5/47

Waist: 24.5/26  26.5/28  28.5/30  30.5/32   32.5/35  35.5/38  38.5/41

Hips:   34.5/36  36.5/38  38.5/40  40.5/42   42.5/45  45.5/48  48.5/51 

How to style it: 

The set can be worn but itself or it can be matched with your favorite tee or first skin. My favorite look is to wear it with fitted turtlenecks.

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