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Why I made it:

The Mini of the family of dresses. Inspired by the Regency era with a modern twist. Frilly details and bouncy shapes. Puffy sleeves add fun and femininity.

Made in 100% Oeko Tex Linen. Digitally printed in our Versailles pattern.


Size and Cut:

It anchors above and below the bust with elasticated closures. Circular skirt with ruffle hem.

Size Chart:

              XS           S              M            L             XL           2XL        

Bust:   30.5/32   32.5/34  34.5/36 36.5/38 38.5/41  41.5/44  

Waist: 24.5/26  26.5/28  28.5/30 30.5/32  32.5/35  35.5/38 

Hips:   34.5/36  36.5/38  38.5/40 40.5/42  42.5/45  45.5/48  

How to style it:


 You can wear the sleeves up for a carre neckline or down for an off shoulder look.

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