Why we made it:

Basket-themed objects have always attracted me. I can't get enough of them. Maybe is something about the aesthetic, maybe something about the texture, or the care that is put into them to be made. The notion that they are all similar, but different... You can see the hand of the weaver in each of them and I love that.

Inspired by the iconic style of Jane Birkin.

 Adorned with a fabric scarf ( included ) from the current collection

Size and material:

6 inches diameter at the bottom

8 inches diameter at the top

This basket is handwoven by artisans in Morocco. Every basket is unique and slightly different look and size, this is particular of the handcrafted process.

Basket: wickerwork. 

It features handle and lid.

How to style it:

Add it to any look, all year round.

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