Inspired by academia and college spirit, Campus pays homage to our young and curious mind, our free spirit and our lust for learning and discovering everyday.

Lush colours and warm textures, modern / retro inspired silhouettes make this year's Fall Winter collection to create full cohesive looks and to play with your own existing wardrobe. 

Fall Winter can be fun as well, I invite you to get immerse and discover "Campus" Maison Corazon Fashion Continuing Education.


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Tilda - Reversible Jumper
Mystique Féminin Sweatshirt
Romeo Pants in Vintage style Corduroy
Cecilia Blouse
Cecilia Blouse
Wallis - Pleated Coat with Hood and Bow
Phoebe Midi Skirt - Vintage Style Corduroy
Heart Pins Collab with Meg Does Pottery - Set of two pins
Heart Pins Collab with Meg Does Pottery
Tess Blouse
Tess Blouse
Wine Moonrise Long Duster
Juliet Cropped Top in Royal Silk Georgette
Scrunchies - Fall Winter 2019 Collection
The Sleeve
The Sleeve
Scrunchies Trio Set
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