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Why I made it:

We believe in accessories and we are huge in adornment. The collars make an instant elevation of your base piece, either it is a dress or a sweatshirt.

They are made from delicate Vintage Linens provided by Dionne of Poppy Joy Pompons and trims and textile finds collected along the years from travels and fashion hunts.

Every collar is one of a kind and unique, and may differ slightly from the pictures in terms of velvet ribbon colours.

There are #4 different styles to choose from. Refer to pictures.

Size and Cut:

One size fits all. Closure is provided by velvet ribbons that you can adjust as desired.


How to style it:

Wear them on top of everything. You can decide if you want to tie the knot at the front or back. Both sides of the piece are interesting, play around!

When you combine the collar with the Alice Dress you can take $15 off your purchase applying code ALICECOMBO at checkout.


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