Enigmatic, whimsical and mysterious, the Fall Winter Collection is inspired by the FOREST, which is a metaphor for the feminine psyche and represents our connection with nature and the universe.

I played with natural fibers such as cotton and linen and the prints reflect a dreamy universe full of flowers and birds. You will see nature and feminine symbols and hidden messages within the collection. 

As always, you will find a unique feel in colors, this time rich and profound.

For accessories and complements, I have worked with an artisan approach, signature style of Maison Corazon.

Fall Winter 2018
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Forest Frock
Forest Frock
The Prairie Dress
Mystique Feminin Sweatshirt
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Phoebe Midi Skirt
The Friendly Camper Mug
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Amelia Blouse
Amelia Blouse
Miniature Amigurumi Crochet Charm
Check Coordinates. Amelia Blouse
The Crochet Poncho. Maison Corazon by Otros Vientos.
Check Coordinates - Phoebe Midi Skirt
Raffia Pom Cockades
Scrunchies - Fall Winter 2018 Collection
Raffia Belts
Raffia Belts
Medium Straw Basket
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The Tiny Basket
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